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What are the best places and areas where to stay in Paris? Paris is a lovely city, and certainly one of the prettiest cities in the world. But a stay in Paris requires preparation. We will cover the best neighborhoods, hotels, and apartments for a wonderful stay in Paris: which area to stay in Paris and where to stay in Paris as a couple or with a family at an affordable price. Let’s go!

best area and place to stay in paris

Best areas for a trip in Paris

For us, for a romantic or family stay in Paris, the ideal is to sleep in these two areas:

Why? In these areas, you feel like you live in Paris, and from here, you can easily visit the top monuments of the capital. There are other neighborhoods to sleep in, such as the Marais, but they are a little less convenient to visit Paris.

To avoid. The areas near the Eiffel Tower or towards Montmartre are undoubtedly lovely places, but not very convenient for visits. Montmartre has much more charm than the area near the Eiffel Tower. However, if you want to visit other great monuments of Paris, this is not ideal if it is your first trip to Paris.

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Best places to stay in Paris

Here are some places to stay in Paris as a couple or with the family at an affordable price. We will start with the hotels found on booking in Paris, and then we will talk about the AirBnB apartments.

2.1. Hotels where to stay in Paris for a romantic trip

  • For those who prefer the old, there is the Hotel Luxembourg Parc, a stone’s throw from the Jardin du Luxembourg. Top neighborhood, with spacious rooms (18m2), but a 4-star hotel with relatively high prices.
  • La Villa Madame is the most modern hotel, the perfect place to sleep in Paris as a couple. Likewise, the district is ideal for discovering Paris and visiting without having to struggle too much with transport.
  • A 5-minute walk from the Louvre, the Hotel Crayon by Elegancia offers great value for money: less than 130 euros per night in this area! Modern decor, clean, and super well located. It is one of the best hotels we have found.
best trip in paris

2.2. Hotels where to stay in Paris with the family

  • Not far from the Paris Opera and the Louvre, the Hotel Choiseul Opera has rooms for 4 people for less than 180 euros per night. Flawless!
  • With old/modern decoration, you can have a family room for 3 people in the Hotel Bonaparte. The location is perfect. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the Jardin du Luxembourg and quickly discover other places on foot.

2.3. Nice apartments on AirBnB in Paris

Apartments on AirBnB can also be a good solution for sleeping in Paris, but there are at least 2 drawbacks. The downside of many Parisian apartments is the noise from neighbors (we’ve experienced it, and it’s annoying). The second flaw is the prices: they are not cheaper than hotels. To choose your apartment, check the reviews and the location carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here are the apartments that I found nice with affordable prices for Paris:

  • A lovely duplex apartment with 3 beds and a bedroom.
  • A cozy apartment for 4, very well located for visits, but also for going out in the evening.

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That was our little advice for choosing the best neighborhood in Paris and the hotel to stay in. I hope you will enjoy your Paris stay and make the most of it!

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