Visiting the Louvre Museum: best time, tips, tickets

How to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris? How long does it take? How do you avoid the Louvre queue and enjoy the most remarkable artworks? Here are all our best tips for visiting the Louvre during a beautiful trip in Paris.

Visit Louvre Paris

How long does it take to visit the Louvre?

To see everything, count at least 96 hours! This is the time needed if you stay 10 seconds in front of each artwork. You certainly don’t have so much time ahead.

If you don’t have 4 whole days to devote to the Louvre Museum during your trip to Paris, how long will you need to visit most of the collections?

  • You will need at least 3 hours. Below, I will list the most incredible artworks to admire during a visit to the Louvre.
  • Add to these 3 hours at least an hour of waiting if you don’t take skip-the-line tickets or even orientation (the museum is enormous).

Tips for visiting the Louvre without queuing

You have two solutions to save time and visit the Louvre without too much waiting:

  • Admission to the Louvre Museum is free for you (for example, students under a certain age). You can go directly to the entrance of the collections without going through the cash desks with your gratuity proof. Check on the museum’s official website page if you benefit from free admission.
  • You book your tickets online. During the booking process, a timeslot has been chosen. You can enter the Louvre museum during this timeslot and avoid the queue. Since July 2020, during the pandemic, reservations have been mandatory. You can book tickets directly on the museum website. If there are no more places on your dates or times on the official website, you can find tickets via this link (certified reseller, same price).

Best tip to save time, visit the Louvre, and avoid queues. You should know that there are several entrances to the Louvre Museum. In general, everyone comes to the main entrance, near the famous glass pyramid. It is also here that the queue is the longest. But there are other entrances that few people use, especially tourists. For example, the “Passage Richelieu” entrance is not far from the Palais Royal / Louvre Museum metro exit.

How long does it take to visit the Louvre with skip-the-line tickets? If you avoid the queue, you save at least 1 hour, if not much more. Then it all depends on how much time you have to spend in the museum, but to do the minimum, at least 3 hours. In addition to visiting the Louvre, you can discover Paris differently: Unusual visits to discover Paris differently.

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Things not to miss in the Louvre Museum in Paris

Before the visit, remember to look at the museum map to visit the Louvre. It is necessary to find your directions and take advantage of the essentials of the Louvre. You can see the map from the Louvre website or take it once there. With the map in hand, you will save time visiting the Louvre Museum more serenely.

Among the must-sees of the Louvre Museum, there are, of course:

  • Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Aphrodite or the Venus de Milo
  • The Winged Victory of Samothrace
  • The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David
  • Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix
  • The Wedding at Cana by Paul Veronese

But you need to know that there are often many people right next to these works. It is also here that you will undoubtedly waste time when visiting the Louvre.

Enjoy the Louvre Museum. We find that several places in the Louvre are underrated. For example, the Cour Marly. You have to carry yourself into the museum to enjoy this moment. A guided tour is a perfect solution to fully appreciate the museum’s treasures and also take some time to explore on your own in the quiet parts of the museum.

We wish you a great visit to the Louvre Museum and a good day!

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